Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères
The company which has been bringing the most refined teas, selected and mixed by superb blenders, to Europe for four centuries, is part of the history of France and the culture of tea.
A selection of 120 original teas and a choice of 110 flavoured teas to drink at every time of day, in every season and for every personality.
With different ways of storage and consumption, tea is available loose, in tin or wooden caddies, or in “Cristal” sachets. The fine texture and transparency of the special “Cristal” sachet were invented by the company in the 1980s.

Cristal tea sachets
In 1980, Dammann Frères invented and patented the Cristal sachet. The transparency and fine texture of the fabric make it possible to observe the selected leaves and their development while brewing. Cristal sachets contain the tea of the finest gardens: natural, blended or flavoured.

Leaf tea in tin caddy
Damman Frères collects the finest teas from all over the world and offers them to you protected in the new tins. Elegance is essential. The lid is innovative both in terms of easy opening and the guarantee of perfect conservation of the aromas. The quality of the leaves and the perfect balance of the flavoured recipes are safe. For exercises in patience and concentration.