The Amici mission.

Why does Amici exist?

Amici exists because it has been intimately familiar with the world of excellent coffee for more than 40 years: we know how to offer outstanding products to those who appreciate them and to help ensure a decent economic return to those who produce that wonderful raw material. In other words, we enjoy making excellent coffee while observing ethics as a  sine qua non.

The Amici mission.

Amici means friends. And our friends are our customers, our employees, our suppliers, everyone with whom we want to have friendly relations.  Hence, our mission is to offer a friendly public excellent products made and promoted by friendly people who, like us, respect this planet (if they didn't respect it, they wouldn't be our friends).  Because we firmly believe that at the basis of any business, of any economy, there must be excellent and harmonious human relations.  

The Amici credo.

Amici believes in people of good will and common sense. With that credo, and at the base of all our efforts in the past, we have created groups of people who are in devoted to this idea and who work together in harmony with respect for their colleagues and for the planet.   Amici e Podere Le Ripi sono questi gruppi di persone. Nel nostro ruolo di imprenditori crediamo fermamente che le persone, i nostri collaboratori, i nostri fornitori ed i nostri clienti siano la vera base economica su cui qualsiasi business di successo si basa, perché sono le persone a fare la materia prima, i prodotti, a promuoverli, a raccontarli, ad innamorarsene ed a consumarli. We believe that people are everything and that everything can be built on this.  We know some people think we're crazy, and we're proud of that reputation. And we have been for 43 years.

Amici ethics.

Knowing that people are at the basis of everything, Amici is committed to respecting them and their needs.   This has a broader significance because it includes the environment we share with those people, which is why we strive and will continue to strive to create products with as small an impact on the planet as possible, and why we have been planting trees to minimise our residual CO2 emissions in Egypt since 2012 and in Madagascar since 2020.  

At Amici, we know that out products are loved by our customers because they convey positive emotions, like the pleasure of a cup of coffee or a beautiful machine or cup. This is why we create the best and most beautiful products we can.   Because positive emotions are the basis of friendship.