You can return the used capsules and packaging to Amici: you can take them to our Galleria Amici in Lucerne and Steinhausen, or return them by post. With an order of at leats 2 cartons of capsules you can add a recycling kit to return the capsules for free.

We send them to Schneider Umweltservice in Baar: they recycle the metal and deliver the plastic, coffee and cardboard to a concrete manufacturing plant. Concrete manufacturing processes require huge amounts of thermal energy which is usually obtained by burning coal. The fuel that we deliver makes the process more ecological because our plastic, which releases exactly the same calories per gram as petroleum, has already been used once: for your excellent Espresso!

It might be an exaggeration to say

The more we drink... the less we pollute

but if all the thermal energy we use for a whole range of purposes like the production of concrete were to come from a consumer service - like our MIE capsules - this wouldn't be any more harmful for the planet!