Design and Excellence

We think that a coffee machine is important both at home and in restaurants: its presence is highly visible, meaning that it has to be beautiful. Because I believe that the things we always see around us send us visual signals that we receive unconsciously, and these signals are transformed into unconscious emotions: these emotions must be positive. Just like having fresh flowers in the house offers us visual and aromatic emotions, the objects we surround ourselves have to make us feel good too. We might make coffee once or twice a day, but we see the machine all the time and it has to reassure us every time, even if only with a very weak "signal"... like that of the flowers.

So, our principle of excellence, which has made Amici Caffè the best loved coffee of connoisseurs all over the world, had to be transferred to the design of our machines, and nothing makes me happier than customers who love their Espresso machine, like this journalist from Basler Zeitung (PDF).