Why a Capsule?

According to many consumers, E.S.E. pods present defects that lead them to prefer a capsule: they aren't so easy to use, it takes a certain amount of skill to make a perfect Espresso, and they seem dirtier when disposed of.

A capsule on the other hand is always perfect, even after use, and has something that E.S.E. will never have: by reducing the diameter of the coffee panel, you can increase its height. In this way, the water used to brew the Espresso finds no preferential route with less resistance (as can happen with coffee powder or with E.S.E. if you aren't careful), so the coffee powder is brewed evenly and the coffee always turns out perfect.

The possibility to obtain a coffee panel that is better for brewing led to the decision by my brother Andrea Illy in 2004 to develop a completely revolutionary capsule.