Vintage in 3 kg tins

In the 3 kg tin, our coffee just gets better and better as time goes by: if we see the first jump in quality during the first 15 days of “ageing”, thanks to the setting of the aromas in the fat, this phenomenon is not zeroed after this period of time. It simply slows down, continuing to improve with time, for years.

We don’t know whether if, like wine, after a certain number of years, it begins to decline. It isn’t something that we’ve found, having always seen that the old the coffee inside the 3 kg tins, the more harmonious it was when tasted, maintaining all of its characteristics of “perpetual” freshness, as my grandfather used to say.

At the moment we are studying the release of a “Vintage” product, but those who would like to try can do it themselves: all you have to do is store it in a quite dry place at a temperature in excess of 12°C.

Duration over the Years

The “ageing” of Amici lasts about fifteen days on average. Only after resting for this length of time are the coffee aromas set in its fats.

From this moment onwards, it can spend years in our 3 kg tin. Having to establish a date of expiry, we have decided on three years, but I’ve personally tasted coffees from 3 kg containers that were over 12 years old and can guarantee that they were fantastic.

Caffè Firenze

The most enjoyable expression that can be obtained with our coffee beans from the 3 kg tin which, for all the reasons mentioned above, is the very best of the best available, is brewed using my new patent, called Caffè Firenze, resulting from my collaboration with the University of Florence.

The Caffè Firenze is an absolutely innovative method of extracting the best from the coffee powder and requires a separate air compressor. The powder is sealed inside the filter holder and then pressurised with air at very high pressure. Then water is added and, opening the filter holder valve, the air pressure extracts the coffee into the cup.

This coffee is much longer than an Espresso, with a very fine yet dense creamy froth, and what we call a “Creamy Taste”, which is much more intense, with almost no bitter notes and an aromatic spectrum and volume like never before. The coffee scents are expressed in their absolute totality, blending perfectly with the structure of the beverage, offering the drinker a symphony of aromas, flavours and structure that lingers on the palate for more than two hours, if you don’t swallow anything afterwards. If my grandfather’s Espresso was wonderful, Caffè Firenze is the apotheosis of coffee: named after him… I had to honour him!

My father Ernesto said that Espresso coffee has to be “velvety”: Caffè Firenze is… super-velvety.

For now, you can only taste it by special request in certain branches of Bar Illy,
in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, for example.