The World’s Most Famous Blend

Why is illy (Amici in Switzerland) the only blend sold in the same composition and the same roast in over 140 countries throughout the world? You would probably say that it’s because it’s the coffee that people like best! But what exactly is it that makes it so appealing to people in all these countries?

Well… my grandfather definitely gave us a fantastic packaging system which enabled us to propose our coffee to the countries furthest away, right from the start… but he also gave us an obligation to achieve excellence. Indeed, try imagining what happens if you apply his “aroma turbo” to defective coffees: you get a concentrate of nauseating smells, because defects in coffee, as in every other type of food, stink! And when these smells are amplified, concentrating the aromas as we do, the result is catastrophic to say the least.

This means that excellence isn’t our deliberate choice: it is an obligated road which we cannot leave for as long as we intend to keep on producing pressurised coffee…

In other words, the system that we use to concentrate our aromas forces us to process only perfect, excellent quality coffee: anything less than this level ruins our blend. We can’t let this happen: you, as our consumers, just wouldn’t be happy!