The Woman that Stole the Cup

When the cups arrived in Italy's coffee shops, everyone wanted them. In actual fact, I thought that we should have sold them to people who wanted them, but our marketing department only wanted to put beautiful cups on the counters of our coffee shops.

People wanted them so much, that they started stealing them, and I had to fight with the marketing department to get them to make a product (which became a huge success).

The funniest story is about a very elegant woman who went into one of our coffee shops and, ordering her coffee, said:

I want it in that cup...yes, yes, that one there...

The barista served her, she paid, and then he got on with something else. When he looked up towards the door of the coffee shop, he saw the woman leaving... leaving behind a trail of coffee pouring out of her handbag: she was so worried about stealing the cup that she had forgotten to drink the coffee first! (Obviously the barista let her go...)