The “Metodo IperEspresso” Machines

We have a wide range of machines in different colours for use with the MIE capsules: you can find them all in the “MIE Machines” section.

Two Versions: 21-Capsule Tin or Single-Dose Capsules

We offer two different types of packaging for lovers of real perfect Italian Espresso:

A tin packaged in an atmosphere of over-pressurised inert gas, containing 21 capsules.

This is called "the coffee with the pop" because the considerable pressure inside produces a nice little explosion that pops when it’s opened. This pressure is also responsible for the fact that the capsules preserved in this packaging are slightly more aromatic and fragrant than those in the single-dose packs. The downside is that it has a higher ecological impact (98 g of CO2 per capsule) and they have to be used quicker otherwise they lose their fragrance.

Box of 100 single-dose capsules.

The beauty of being able to open a single dose any time you like and enjoy a really fresh, perfect Espresso, enables us to have many different types of coffee in the house, from Monoarabica varieties to the Amici Blends. The almost imperceptibly slighter aromaticity of the product is offset by this fact and by the much better environmental impact, there being no tin: 56 g of CO2 per capsule.