The “Metodo IperEspresso” Flavours

These capsules contain the finest Amici technology and enable us to really get the maximum out of the coffee contained. This is why they come in a wide variety of flavours, both as the Amici Blend and as Monoarabica single origins.

Amici Blend: The Symphony of a Unique Blend, for Espresso, Ristretto and Café Crème.

The Amici blend is made up of at least nine different origins. This enables us to combine the body of Brazilian coffees, the floral
notes of Ethiopian coffees, the caramel of Costa Rica and so on, obtaining a harmonious and powerful structure of aromas and body.


Medium Roast: Harmony on the Palate.

At least nine different types of Arabica create an unequalled harmony of aroma, flavour and structure. Known in 153 countries as the "Amici taste", our Espresso blend was conceived by my grandfather 82 years ago.

Final roasting temperature: 222°C.


Strong Roast: For Lovers of “Italian-Style” Coffee.

The same composition as the Espresso blend is roasted until it is slightly darker to obtain more body and a touch of bitterness.

Final roasting temperature: 225°C.


Long: For Lovers of a Light Espresso Lungo.

The same composition and the same roasting as the Espresso blend, but slightly coarser, for long espressos.

Final roasting temperature: 222°C.


Light Roast: For Real Lovers of Latte.

The same blend, with a lighter roast and coarser texture, for excellent Café Crème.

Final roasting temperature: 220°C.


Decaffeinated: Harmony... Without Caffeine.

Blended, roasted and ground just like Amici Espresso, but with beans decaffeinated using water.

Final roasting temperature: 222°C.