The First Amici Collection: 1992

So work began on the first collection, “Arti e Mestieri 1992” (Arts and Crafts 1991): Matteo created a beautiful drawing, I photographed my ties with some golden inserts, Luca Missoni, a friend of Matteo's, created his "Planet Coffee" for us, and Mino Fusco, the designer of the X9, and Maurizio Cargnelli created two more decorations.

An architect, Matteo, a designer, Luca, a photographer, me, a graphic designer, Maurizio, a sculptor, Mino… I needed a sixth... and he had to be a painter.

When I told Paolo Cervi Kervischer that he had to create me a nude, lying down, Modigliani style, he nearly died:

"But all the nudes I've ever painted in my life have always been standing up: how do I do it?"

At that time, one of his collectors had given him a huge villa to use in Trieste, with enormous rooms that were completely empty: walls, doors and floors and nothing else!
One day I arrived at the villa and was surprised to walk through all these rooms... the floors were scattered with dozens and dozens of roughs of what was to become Toon-Gee. Paolo's nude for my first collection of artistic cups.

Even today, a quarter of a century and hundreds and hundreds of cups after Toon-Gee, I am convinced that those hundreds of sketches, tests over and over again, that he used to paper the villa, those hundreds of hours that Paolo dedicated to this project, produced the most beautiful “Amici Collection” cup ever made. Bravo Paolo!