The Fairest Way to Buy the Best Coffee for Your Amici Blend

Our agronomists have been travelling to producer countries all over the world and visiting our coffee grower friends who supply the raw material, for more than 25 years. This often friendly collaboration enables us to transfer our know-how on coffee and help them obtain better harvests. This means we receive the finest coffees in the world, to offer our customers, and the coffee growers obtain more know-how and better profitability, thanks both to higher prices and lower sales costs. I conceived this model in 1987 and now many other coffee roasting companies are implementing it. I think that this is a huge success, because in these countries I've seen working conditions improve, along with the quality of life and the quality of the coffee that is offered on the market. Win, win, win. For coffee growers, coffee roasters and consumers. This is my greatest joy!