The Encounter with Matteo Thun

I met Matteo for the first time on a spring day in 1991. He had just received my briefing on how I wanted the new Amici cup to look. He said:

"I've never read such an interesting document. You say that a simple coffee cup involves all the senses, from the most obvious sense of smell, as it has to convey the aromas of the coffee, to touch, because it has to be silky on the lips, and even hearing, because when they touch each other on the coffee machines in coffee shops, they have to "chime": it's fantastic!"

That meeting led to a friendship, and that friendship led to a new product that didn't exist! The Amici Collection cups.

Matteo was Creative Director of Swatch at the time and he showed me how they created the watch collections. And I, having been a collector of the finest china coffee cups, from Meissen to Royal Kopenhagen, Herend and Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur for years, was immediately enchanted:

"We'll make cups for coffee shops with the world's greatest artists!"

I knew all about chinaware, I'd always been fascinated by it and could already see myself in the china factories making my cups. Matteo was a good friend of Professor Cocchi, who was General Manager of Ginori in Florence at the time: we met him shortly afterwards and he told me, quite simply:

"Bring me the decorations on paper and I'll make your cups: we'll invest!"