My Dream

My Dream: A Moment in Which You Feel So Good that You Forget Your Work for a Second.

At that time, I was talking to Professor Max Lüscher, the great scholar of shapes and colours, known in Switzerland as “Farbe-Lüscher”. He and other professors, such as Spiegel and Koeber-Riel helped me understand that coffee, the way we Italians drink it, in a hurry, standing at the bar, is actually a moment of relaxation, albeit fleeting. Lüscher explained that, when we work, our sympathetic system is active and when this system "works", the other system, known as the parasympathetic or vagal system, which is responsible for the state of relaxation, cannot intervene. The passage from action, from the dynamism of work to relaxation, can only take place if the sympathetic system "gives way" to the vagal system, a process which lasts several minutes. So, according to Lüscher, a coffee break is an exceptional condition of relaxation, while the sympathetic system is in action. He called it an "introspective pause".

His thoughts seemed very logic to me, but at the same time, I knew that we Italians go to the coffee shop for a coffee, possibly with the intention of experiencing this introspective pause which, however, due to the frenetic pace of modern life, we are unable to enjoy. I saw a lawyer going down to the coffee shop for his Espresso, but completely incapable of forgetting the contract he was working on... yet, according to Spiegel, these breaks, which determine a detachment of conscious thought from the things we are working on, are essential, because they allow our unconscious to express its thought.

Spiegel sees our conscious as a bottleneck which prevents unconscious thoughts from being expressed and strongly recommends moments of relaxation while we're working, to allow the unconscious thought to express itself. I saw coffee breaks as a chance to offer my customers this very brief moment of relaxation.

But the lawyer would come back to mind, and I wondered how I could "distract” him.
Paolo Rossetti made a cup with a handle shaped like an ear: I saw the lawyer pick up the handle, completely immersed in his contract, and feel, with his fingers, that that handle... was different. I saw him become curious and look at the handle to realise that it was an ear and then burst out laughing: that laughter would be my greatest achievement, because in the moment that he started laughing, he would forget his contract and his unconscious would start working as recommended by Spiegel!

The decorations on my cups were going to become a simple "act of love": when people saw them, they would feel good and distance themselves from the conscious thought of the moment, like the lawyer's contract. That's all I wanted to achieve with my artistic cups: apparently it worked.