Brazil is the world’s leading producer of Arabica coffee. It is grown mainly on the highlands of Minas Gerais, where the climate is strongly influenced by rainy periods which alternate with drought, an ideal condition for coffee. The aroma of the coffee produced in this area is enveloping, velvety and intense.


Origin: Cerrado Mineiro and Sul de Minas – tropical zones characterised by the variegated biology of the savanna
Bouquet (aroma inhaled): strong notes of chocolate, freshly-backed puff pastry and the classic aroma of coffee, as well as nuts.
Flavour: particular sweetness, slight acidity and a hint of bitterness and saltiness, which strengthens the aroma. Strong notes of umami.
Body: full and velvety body, particularly creamy due to the presence of umami.
Finish: growing sweetness, intense and enveloping aromas of caramel, puff pastry, chocolate and coffee, which linger on the palate for two hours.


The territory: Cerrado Mineiro

The territory of Cerrado Mineiro offers natural beauty beyond compare. Stretching through the heart of inland Brazil, this region has a biological variety that is unique in the world: different natural habitats and a very rich savanna divided into forests, marsh areas and drier areas.

Its high plateaux are the ideal territory for growing coffee, thanks to the tropical climate, which alternates a dry winter season with a humid summer. Lastly, the average annual temperatures, scarce precipitations during harvest time and the characteristic altitude make Cerrado Mineiro Arabica one of the world’s most prized varieties.

The coffee grower: Glaucio de Castro

Glaucio de Castro has been working with Amici Caffè since 1998. A few years earlier, the purchase of sophisticated machinery had marked a turnaround for his company: so it was not just quality that earned him a rightful place among the Amici suppliers, it was also the quantity of coffee that he produced.

Years of experience have brought Glaucio to recognise the arrival of a flourishing harvest directly from the colour of his fields. This is how he works in Cerrado Mineiro, observing the land and devoting all his attention to it. This is why scrupulous annual soil analyses are carried out, to check the health of the soil and increase productivity.

Glaucio has maintained the same passion and desire to achieve ambitious goals as his father who, at the beginning of the 1980s, bought the farm with the aim of growing high level coffee. Hard work but also success and immense satisfaction.