At Least Nine Origins for the “Amici taste”

We offer a unique blend, the Amici blend, always with exactly the same sensorial characteristics all over the world, because we believe that this blend is the highest level of excellence that we can achieve.

But to maintain the aroma and taste of our blend constant, we have to keep adjusting it continuously – often several times a day, as each individual batch is finished. Between 6.00 and 7.32 a.m. there might be one “recipe” but when we run out of one element, we have to “recreate” the recipe, always with the same aim: to blend the origins perfectly so that the usual “Amici Taste” is always the same.

In order to do this, we need to have numerous batches with very different characteristics which, when added to the blend, achieve the same sensorial result. There are usually at least nine different origins, from the classic Brazil to Mexico, from Ethiopia to Tanzania and from India to Vietnam (not even I knew it until just a few months ago, but this country produces some amazing Arabicas).

Thanks to the diversity of the terroir, each of these countries has very different sensorial characteristics: you only need to taste our Monoarabica single-origin coffees to understand how great these diversities are.

Knowing how to use these differences to create the constancy of the “Amici Taste” is a skill possessed by our blending/roasting specialists, thanks to the experience which is often handed down from father to son.