A Capsule Unlike Any Other: IperEspresso

Another defect in all the other systems, including capsules, is that the beverage comes into contact with a filter and a spout which are part of the machine: the espresso is very dense, so small amounts of liquid are left inside the machine, oxidising with time and conveying an unpleasant dirty smell to subsequent coffees.

To prevent this, we advise our customers to remove the used coffee immediately and rinse the machine thoroughly to eliminate this residue, but most of them don't, so their coffee often stinks.

Andrea realised that the new capsule could have been designed to pour the beverage directly into the cup no longer touching the machine and so eliminating this problem once and for all. The “Metodo IperEspresso” does just that: the coffee runs from the capsule directly into the cup and these unpleasant smells no longer exist.

While we were developing the project we noticed that we could have designed it to obtain an even more concentrated and velvety Espresso, adding a second phase to the classic Espresso brewing phase, invented by our grandfather, in which water permeates the coffee powder at a temperature of 92°C and a pressure of approximately 10 bar, strongly extracting everything the coffee has to give. This second phase is called emulsion. The brew pours through a tiny hole and accelerates its speed: the consequent turbulence emulsifies the liquid part of the Espresso with the gases extracted during brewing from the coffee powder and with the air around the jet that comes out of the hole. In this way, coffee brewed to the state of the art, thanks to the capsule, develops extra "cream" and body as a result of this second emulsifying phase. The dimensions of the bubbles that form the froth are reduced thanks to the emulsion and the froth is more compact and lasts longer.

In a subsequent phase, the jet is "slowed down" and delivered directly into the cup without touching the machine: IperEspresso is the most complex and high-performing capsule on the market. Not only does it brew perfect coffee, it emulsifies it into an extremely creamy Espresso and then delivers it directly into the cup, so that we can enjoy its most complete and full freshness.