100% Coffea Arabica for the coffee with “Amici taste”

This is why, in 1982, after endless discussions, my father accepted my proposal to eliminate that final residue of Robusta (Coffea Canephora): I found the smell of Robusta unbearable and I was right. Since then, the Amici blend has been made exclusively with the finest Arabica coffees in the world. And I advise those who didn’t agree that Robusta smelled unpleasant to concentrate on their noses for a moment and they’ll notice how a blend containing Robusta gives off an unmistakable smell of mould, damp cellar, wet rag. And this is caused by a molecule not contained in Arabica, which goes by the legendary name of ((-)-2-Methylisoborneol.

I always say that our job is simply to know how to choose the best that nature has to offer and then be able to blend, roast and package the coffee without losing any of the wonders that nature has given us along the way. Because the miracle of excellence isn’t something that we create: it’s the product of the terroir where these coffees are born. The land, its morphology, geology and mineral composition, the genetics of the plants, the climate and the meticulous work carried out by the farmers who pick the crop and transform it into green coffee. Anyone who boasts skills and secrets that only he knows… is spouting rubbish.